Friday, October 26, 2012

3 year and 5 year well checks!

After pushing back our appointments (as usual), I decided that I wanted the girls to have their yearly well-checks with Dr. Bauer.  We see him every so often since the girls' regular pediatrician doesn't work as much and has 4 children of her own who always seem to be sick, lol.  I also see Dr. Bauer when something might be actually wrong with my children because he seems to be a much better doctor, quite honestly.  So, I was interested to see how these well-checks would go!


Haven 3 Year Stats-

weight: 35lbs (82% ile)
height: 41 inches (off the charts... she's NEVER been on the charts, lol!)
BMI: 12 % ile, lol. (Her last measurement actually had her off the bottom of the charts on the BMI percentile, so at least she's on the charts again!)


weight: 40lbs (52% ile)
height: 45 inches (90 %ile)
vision: better than perfect! (this was the first time she's had any kind of vision test)
BMI: 16%ile (I think)

Both girls are tall and thin and perfect! :)

***I think we are going to stick with Dr. Bauer from now on.  This was the most thorough exam they have ever had and he caught things that Dr. Welka has never caught before.  It may have taken us 2.5 hours, lol, but I'm really grateful for everything he did for us!!!

Haven's exam:

* Perfect blood pressure and almost everything was great

* He listened to her heart for way longer than I knew was normal.  Finally he told us that he was hearing a weird pause in her heartbeat and wanted us to have an EKG sooner rather than later. :(  We went and got it done immediately after their appointment.  They caught it as well so it's being sent to a cardiologist to interpret.  It may come back fine- just a weird thing she has that's benign or she may have to go see a pediatric cardiologist. :(  (I had a super sad picture of her getting her EKG, but it wasn't on my camera when I checked again!  She was so still and wouldn't even smile, lol, until she got off and then she was "back to normal.")

* She still has her umbilical hernia.  She has 1-2 years left for it to go away on its own or she will have to have surgery on it! :(

* She had some clicking in her hips that's never been apparent before.  We just need to monitor her gait and he'll reevaluate it in a year.  Same with her in-toeing (which I think has gotten remarkably better).  We don't really need to worry about surgery with that until she's 10, so she still has a long way to go for it to fix itself entirely!

* Her cyst on her wrist is still there.  No change yet since we discovered it about 3 months ago.  We are monitoring that as well and hoping it goes away on its own.

* Haven had her flu shot and rocked it!  Didn't cry at all!  We had been talking about it the whole week before, so she knew what was coming.  She is a tough kid! :)

Venily's exam:

* Had a slight thing with her right eye during one of the tests he was doing, but since she scored so well on her vision test, we're just going to monitor it.  It was likely just a reaction from her when he was moving his hands in front of her face.

* The doctor doesn't see a need to see a specialist for Venily's eczema (which looks pretty good right now).  Jason keeps trying to have her see a specialist and I REALLY don't think it's necessary.  Dr. Bauer didn't either, though he would have sent us if we had wanted to.

* Her tonsils are a "3" on a 4 point scale for size.  He didn't see any problems with them.  4 is when you have to worry.  Haven's was a 2.

* Everything else with Venily was great!

* Venily had FOUR shots today and rocked them as well!  She had a few tears slide down when it was all over, but no actual crying.  I think she was surprised at how bad they actually hurt (some of them were some big needles!).  Her one arm is pretty bruised up! :(

*Dr. Bauer seemed a little shocked that the girls had lost ALL of their fingernails and toenails after having hand, foot, and mouth, lol.  He's like "wow, that's an unusual reaction to that."  Lol.  They just finally lost their big toe nails last week, which were the last to go.  It was like a grand finale to the whole ordeal! ;)

Overall they are very healthy and looking good!  We just need him to call me back about the EKG results.  I'm trying not to panic about it, but I'm not going to lie, it does worry me.

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