Friday, October 19, 2012


Last week I worked a full work week subbing all 5 days (a good reason I'm so behind on posts)!  The first 3 days were 1st grade, Thurs was computers, and Friday I subbed in Venily's Kindergarten class!  Yikes!

1st grade was intense.  It took me to day 3 to really get a descent grasp on the schedule.  In those 3 days I graded over 180 papers and never had more than 5 minutes to myself just to relax.  The first grade classes also switch rooms half way through the day so I got to meet all of the first graders.  Computers was a lot of fun, I loved it!  I actually got to have Venily and the other kindergarten class in the lab and one of the 1st grade classes as well as some middle schoolers.  I had to run around all day to all 3 computer labs to teach classes, but didn't have anything to do for my "prep" times or lunch so I got to work on my "volunteer" project I have going with Venily's teacher.  I am putting all of her books on cassette and converting them to c.d's.  It's very time consuming since I have to listen through each and every one.  Each one takes about 10-12 minutes, some up to 20 minutes!  Friday was Ven's class.  It started off great.  I already know all of the kids from chaperoning her field trip and volunteering my time in her class.  Also, there is an aide in the class who helps one boy in particular, but he also helps out in general, so that was really nice.  However, the last couple hours of the day he is not there!  Oh, did things get bad then, lol!  There are 2 trouble-maker boys in the class.  One is the boy who requires the aide.  Both of these boys were running in and out of the classroom and up and down the hallways.  I was losing it big time, lol.  Then a 3rd boy starts in.  Oh. My. Gosh!  I was lucky to make it through the day!  Venily was fine, having me in her class wasn't a big deal at all.  

By the end of the week, I was exhausted and shaking from Haven withdrawals! :(  For real, I am not ready to be away from her full-time yet.  It definitely took a lot of help from our friends and family to watch her when I was working as well!  Besides Jason, Alisha, my grandparents, and my mom all took turns watching her and bringing her to school too!  I felt really bad having her passed around from place to place to place.

I have a couple more days scheduled for subbing coming up. 1st grade and Kindergarten (not Ven's class).  I am really not cut out for primary grades, but I guess I have to do what I have to do!  I really much prefer middle school and when I finally do go into teaching, I'm really hoping for 4th grade or higher!  I guess we'll see!

Posts to come soon:  Update on Haven's preschooling, the girls' birthday party, and Venily turned 5!

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