Sunday, October 14, 2012

Field Trip to The Apple Barn!

On Friday, October 5th I got to chaperone Venily's field trip to The Apple Barn!  The only other field trip I was able to chaperone was also to The Apple Barn 2 years ago when she was in preschool, lol! :)  It's really important to me to be able to do things like this while I'm able.  Last year I couldn't chaperone or volunteer in her classroom at all because I was babysitting full time!

We did all the same things that we did at our last field trip here (which Venily didn't remember anyway).  We got to look around the shop and cooler where they keep the apples.  We watched a movie and ate a snack of apple cider, apples, and apple donuts!  We got to go on a hay ride and pick apples and play on the fire truck.  The day was cold but nice (note the winter jackets, lol).  Then we went to a park to eat lunch and play.  It went from cold to FREEZING, yuck, but the kids all had fun playing at the park!

This is both of the Kindergarten classes together! :)

And here is Venily (and Haven!) on the hay ride at her field trip 2 years ago! LOL!

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