Saturday, February 18, 2012

Haven's first hair cut! (coutesy of VENILY!) AHHHH!

Yesterday Venily came home from school with a TON of 4 inch pieces of yarn from someone on the bus.  (Don't ask, she comes home with the weirdest things!).  Anyway, she started pretending it was hair and she was cutting it with her fingers.  I told her straight out that I didn't even want her to PRETEND to cut hair.  Only Aunt Jacki is allowed to cut hair.  I have told her this for years and she has never done anything inappropriate with scissors.

A little while later I was up in the loft and the girls were (I thought) playing nicely downstairs.  I was talking to them and could hear them.  A few times I heard the word "cut" and I told them to stop playing like that and Venily assured me that they were "just pretending", etc.  A few minutes later I came down to check on them and found this...

The yarn was cut up and EVERYWHERE! I told them they better pick it up RIGHT NOW!

Then I saw the Barbie and immediately took Venily and put her in her room (she asked me last week if she could cut her Barbie's hair and I told her that she was NEVER under any circumstances allowed to cut her Barbie's hair).

It was then that I looked at Haven and something just didn't look right.  She said to me "Venily cut my hair too, right here (points to her rights side) and right here (points to her left side)."  (She has some pieces missing in the back too)  And I could see where it was super short.  I started panicking and asked her where the hair was.  It was hidden behind the girls' desk.  I definitely lost it!  There were perfect curls laying on the ground!  I was so upset.  Honestly, it's not really all that bad, but it is definitely noticeable to ME!

So that is the sad story of Haven's first hair cut. :(  Aunt Jacki is going to have to fix it up a bit.  I'm really hoping it doesn't take another 2.5 years to grow back! :(

The next day after her shower and blow dry, it actually didn't look that bad, lol!

She had this to say about it on video the following day (fast forward to about 1/2 way in, lol, she kept making me take videos of her playing with her toys, haha)

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