Friday, February 17, 2012

Ear infections for both the girls! :(

I'm a little behind on this (as usual).  On Feb 12th I took the girls into the walk-in b/c Haven was uncharacteristically whiny (which ALWAYS= an ear infection!).  I had Venily checked while we were there as well.  Both girls ended up with ear infections.  Venily was only a little in one side.  Haven's was in both sides.  Haven was given Cedfinir (2x a day for 10 days) and Venily was given Azithromycin (1x a day for 5 days) since I told him that she had a reaction to Amoxicillian back in October.  THERE WAS NO NOTE OF THIS WHATSOEVER ON HER RECORDS!!!!  SERIOUSLY?!  Her whole body was covered in hives, some sticking out an inch from her body, all of her joints swelled up to 2-3 times the normal size so that she couldn't walk or bend her wrists, etc for several days, she was so miserable that I had a hard time keeping it together, I took her to 3 different doctors in a 24 hour period and they don't think they might want to make a note of this in her records?!?!  I was a little upset about this, lol!

Anyway, the doctor gave me a "uh oh" look when I told him that she hasn't tried any other antibiotics since her reaction!  Venily finished her antibiotics yesterday and yesterday evening her wrist was swollen and itchy.  I have NO idea if it was related or not, but that's all that happened and she was better by this morning.  I really wonder if I had given her one more day of it if the reaction would have gotten worse?  I really hope not!! (hopefully it's not a preview of what's to come the next time she's on antibiotics either!)

As for Haven, this is ear infection #7 for her- her last one was just in December :(.  Here is her updated ear infection list:

*Single ear infection 4 months old. (given Amoxicillin)
*Double ear infection at 5 months old. (given Cefdinir)
*Double ear infection at 13 months old. (given Amoxicillin)
*Double ear infection at 16 months old. (given Cefdinir)
*Double ear infection at 17 months old.  (given Cefdinir)
*Double ear infection at 26 months old (given Amoxicillin) 
*Double ear infection at 27 months old (given Cefdinir)


  1. Poor Haven :( Are they going to put tubes in her ears?!

  2. I don't think so, they have NEVER mentioned it before. I think b/c she only tends to get them primarily in the winter months. I am getting sick of the fact that every time she gets a cold, she gets an ear infection though!