Wednesday, May 18, 2011

WHEATLAND 4K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my gosh, I totally forgot to blog about this!!!!!  I have been so super busy!!!!

Last Friday we got a call from the Wheatland District Administrator saying that Venily got accepted into Wheatland's 4K program  (the very top school/ program on my wish list for her!!!!!!)!!!!!   I'm so incredibly happy!!  Almost everyone I talked to said there was pretty much no way she'd get in and we had left a ton of messages for the district administrator and he wasn't calling us back, so I figured there was no way!  He said that they had a school board hearing regarding early admission for children who have birthdays after the cut-off and they changed the school board rule!  Also, Venily doesn't have to have another 4K screening, after viewing the results of her other 4K screening, he felt she was definitely able to move on to 4K next year!!  Yay!!! I had to fill out yet another bunch of papers to get her signed up for Wheatland now and am hoping to hear soon whether she'll be in the morning or afternoon class!  I still can't even believe it!!   

She'll either be taking the bus to school or home from school next year (depending on if she's am or pm)!  It's 5x a week and I LOVE her teacher Mrs. Graham!  ♥  I used to sub for her all the time while pregnant with Venily.  I love the classroom, I love their schedule, I love their rules, etc. and I love that I am so familiar with everything!!  I don't know how it is to be a parent with no teaching background, but I can tell you that it absolutely drives me crazy to not really know what's going on at her school (don't get me wrong, I get papers home each week detailing projects they do, books they've read, what they're learning, etc.  PLUS a monthly newsletter and calendar saying what they do, but I still want more, lol!).  Maybe that's just me?!  If there was a video camera on her at all times and I could view it online, I'd probably watch it the whole time, haha!

How early is too early to get all the stuff on Venily's school supply list for next year?!  Lol, I'm just a little excited... :)  Venily is just as excited as I am though, which is GREAT!!!!!  Neither of us can wait!!  

Oh, and Venily spent an entire hour at the IKEA children's drop-off room thing (like a drop in day care) on Saturday all by herself!!!!!   I told her about it before we went and she really wanted to do it.  I figured once it came down to it, she'd change her mind, but she went and had a blast!!!  There is a treehouse thing with a movie playing, a play kitchen with lots of food, coloring stations, and a big ball pit and she told us she went around and played at all the different areas and made some friends!!!  She's so awesome!!!  ♥  And here I was worried about her...

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