Monday, May 2, 2011

Resolution Review- April!

Resolution check!! 1/3 of the way down with this year already!

RESOLUTION #1: read 100 books this year.  So far I've read:
January- 11 books
February- 5 books
March- 10 books
April- 8 books

TOTAL: 34 books (to stay on track, I should have 33 1/3 books read so far)

STATUS: Staying on track despite this being a difficult month!!  I started watching another child during the days AND I had a week where both Allison (the 5 year old I watch) and Venily both had Spring break!  And I survived, lol, though just barely- 4 girls at once is a lot to handle! :)

Is it bad that I have my 14 digit library card # memorized but I couldn't tell you a single digit of my bank account #, lol?!  I literally go on our library's website every single day to put books on hold, renew books, and check to see if any of my holds are in!  And I usually go to the actual library 3-4 times a week! :)  We usually have about 20 books checked out at any given time (both me and the girls) and another 20 on hold at any given time! :)  AND my calendar is slowly filling up with new releases.... I have to put them on hold ASAP as soon as they get into the system which is usually about a week before their release dates, lol!

Right now I have a huge stack of books I can't wait to read!  (I LOVE when that happens!  And the new Sookie Stackhouse book comes out on Tues!!!!  I put it on hold like a week ago, but I have no idea how fast I'll get it... it is taking all of my patience and self control NOT to buy it!!!!).

This month I read: Water for Elephants (and went and saw the movie!)- I liked both a lot!, The Maze Runner and the sequel The Scorch Trials (LOVED, LOVED, LOVED them!!  Can't wait for the 3rd to come out!), Incarceron (I liked this one a ton too, so different!  I have the sequel and am reading that soon as well), Book 5 in the Nighthuntress series and Book 2 in the Nighthuntress world (one of my favorite series), and the 2nd and 3rd books in the Anita Blake series (skipped book 1 since I accidentally checked out the graphic novel last year and ended up reading it, lol, but I put book 1 on hold b/c I want to read it now!) (LOVED this series as well... I put all the rest on hold and can't wait to read them all!!!).


I will work out for at least 30 minutes 2x a week
I will work out at least 5x per week!

STATUS: I'm very proud to say that I've been doing pretty well!!  I wish I had taken before and after pics so I can see the results, but I can absolutely FEEL the results now!

I WILL donate blood this year. 

STATUS:  Completed 2/17.  And I'm now eligible to donate again, so I need to get on that!


Getting boudoir pictures taken of myself. 
STATUS:  Hoping to have completed in May.  I've officially moved from "excited and a little nervous" to "extremely terrified and wondering what I was thinking", lol, but I WILL do it! :)  For me, resolutions are NOT supposed to be easy!


DRINK 25oz of water a day!! (working up to 52)

Doing good.  I don't actually count ounces, though I probably should!  I do, however, drink lots of water throughout the day!

***No new resolutions at this time.  Though I have a few that I'm thinking about adding soon!  If only there were more hours in a day...


  1. Great job on your resolutions! I can't believe this year is already 1/3 over - didn't it JUST start?!?! lol! I love that you're actually keeping track, and keeping up with your resolutions - SO much better than me!! :)

  2. Lol, thanks! If I don't write it down and make a constant conscience effort, it definitely wouldn't happen!