Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Venily is doing a great job!

On her shyness towards adults!  I don't know what exactly has been the key, but I have seen sooooo many improvements from her over the last month!!

On Monday she went to a dentist appointment (her 3rd she's had- 2 cleanings and 1 for sealing her molars) and did phenomenal!!!  She has always done great at the dentist and it has been a shock each and every time!  She even got an x-ray taken and fluoride treatment this time!  She did everything she was asked, and spoke to everyone and wasn't shy one bit! :)  I even had to bring the 2 little girls with and was worried about keeping them entertained while keeping Venily calm and it wasn't a problem at all- all 3 girls did great!

Monday night at dance class it had been 2 weeks since her last class since last week they had "spring break" so I was worried if she'd regress at all... and she definitely did NOT!!!  She ran right out there with the other girls and put on quite a show, lol.  I actually think she could stand to tone it down a bit, haha.  She is so crazy, but also an awesome dancer! :)  I am sad that the program we go through for all of Venily's activities doesn't offer dance in the summer!!!   I really wish they did.  I think we are going to send her to a volleyball class and a tumbling class, however.  They also have baseball, soccer, and basketball... but we didn't have such great results for baseball or soccer the last time we tried!

She has also done well at talking to tons of other adults over the last few weeks!!  I am very proud of her!!

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