Saturday, April 14, 2012

Haven- Orthopedic Exam

I have Haven's 2.5 year update almost ready to post and Venily just turned 4.5 years old yesterday, so I will be posting hers soon as well, I promise!

Haven kept saying "I'm going to the doctor's so they can fix my crooked foot!"  LOL! :)

Yesterday we took Haven to the Children's hospital to see an orthopedic doctor.  She has had significant intoeing in her right foot since she started walking (her right foot turns in while she walks, causing her to fall down a lot).  Her regular pediatrician said at her 2 year appointment that we'd monitor it for a few more months and then see a specialist so we made the appointment since there hasn't been any improvement.

They determined that the cause of her intoeing is a femoral anteversion (twisted thigh bone) and a tibial torsion (twisted shin).  The bad news is that the only treatment is extensive surgery to rotate the bones.  No special braces, shoes, or exercises can fix it.  The good new is, that almost all children outgrow this condition on their own by the time they are 10 years old, so that is what we are hoping for!  Otherwise, if it is still an issue at 10, we'll have to consider surgery.

I was really hoping for a "quick fix", but knew that was likely not going to be the case! :( 

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