Saturday, February 23, 2013

Catching up- Soccer Stars!

In January, Haven had her first soccer class!!  And Venily had her 2nd soccer class (her first was when she was 3 and she wouldn't even go out on the floor, just clung to my legs and cried, lol).

Haven did well (especially compared to Ven at this age!).  The first class she cried quite a bit and I had to stay with her, but she still participated.  The 2nd class she cried a tiny little bit and the 3rd and 4th classes she didn't cry at all and did really well, I was impressed!  She really improved with her skills as well!

Venily did amazing!  Long gone are the days when she would freeze up around a man!  Both of their teachers were guys and it didn't phase her at all.  She was high-fiving and yelling bye to them in the parking lot, etc, lol!  She also turned out to be quite a good soccer player!  She really improved a lot over the month as well and was really into it by the end.  Jason wants to put her on an actual team, but we'll see if it fits into her very busy schedule!

Both girls still play soccer all the time, lol.  We got a soccer ball and they dribble it all around the living room and take turns pretending they're Keegan and Ed and teaching the class! :)

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